Ex-Houston officer accused of attack in bogus fraud claim

Ex-Houston officer accused of attack in bogus fraud claim

By Juan A. Lozano / Associated Press

HOUSTON — A former Houston police captain had been charged with attack on Tuesday after operating a guy from the road and keeping him at gunpoint in order to show exactly just what authorities have actually known as a bogus voter fraudulence scheme.

Mark Aguirre advertised that an ac unit repairman had been the mastermind of the giant voter fraudulence scheme. Aguirre said the man’s truck had been filled up with fraudulent ballots as he went their SUV involved with it on Oct. 19, in accordance with authorities.

“The defendant reported (the motorist) has around seven hundred and fifty thousand mail that is fraudulent and is utilizing Hispanic young ones to signal the ballots considering that the children’s fingerprints wouldn’t normally come in any databases,” according to an arrest affidavit.

Aguirre told police he plus some friends put up a “command post” at a Marriott hotel in residential district Houston and carried out 24-hour surveillance on the repairman for four times, in accordance with the affidavit. He stated then went the man’s vehicle off the street, pointed a weapon onto the ground and put a knee on his back, the affidavit said at him, forced him.

Police whom taken care of immediately the event searched the truck and discovered just atmosphere fitness components and tools, authorities stated. Authorities failed to name the truckdriver, who had been not harmed. Continue reading Ex-Houston officer accused of attack in bogus fraud claim