General Rules Regarding The Game When Texting Ladies

General Rules Regarding The Game When Texting Ladies

That you should be sending her, there are a few general rules of the texting game that you will need to keep in mind before I get into the specific types of text messages:

Be Clear

Perchance you feel just like texting her during your coffee break to inform her you’d love to simply just simply take her out this week-end or even to allow her in on your own latest intimate dream.

One off before being herded into an impromptu team meeting for the next two hours so you rattle.

The issue? Your hurried, rambling text might have kept her unclear as from what you intended, and you’re perhaps not in a position to answer her concerns to explain things.

Whenever she’s working, perhaps sitting right in front of her computer along with her eyes blurring over, the very last thing she requires would be to attempt to work-out exactly exactly what you’re going on about.

It’s obvious what you mean if you’re out for romance, make sure. For a fun weekend and leave it there if you have an insane day ahead of you, the best route may just be to make her smile with a sweet and simple “Good Morning” message thanking her.

Text: Good early morning my small Julie, thank you for organizing every thing with your buddies, you make every week-end so special. Big kiss, Peter

View Your Punctuation

Are you aware that the period that is innocuous tagged in the end of the text might have made your whole thing search serious or insincere?

As an example, compare these texts:

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